Lash Artist Level System

What are the differences between level 1, level 2, and level 3?

Higher levels indicate more education and experience. Regardless of the level that you choose, you can be sure that you will receive superior service and an exceptional experience. All of our lash artists go through an intense and specialized training process to offer the very best lash artistry in Colorado.

Our Lash Apprentices have completed the Vixen Training Program, which includes several lash applications, so they are well on their way to perfecting their techniques and lash speed. These artists work a little slower, so you can get in with them at a hugely discounted rate!

*Please note: due to our already hugely discounted apprentice pricing, we do not accept any additional discounts or coupons for our apprentice services. Additionally, we cannot offer apprentice pricing during rare occurrences when we do not have an apprentice on staff.